Nettoyage Particuliers
Free quote and personalised contact and services! In Luxembourg and the Greater Region, we offer you cleaning services that meet your needs.

Businesses / BANKS

Nettoyage entreprises
Inspection and quote upon request. We reply within 24 hours! Appilux is a specialised team of cleaning professionals for businesses, with over 22 years of experience.

Public services / Institutions

Nettoyage banques et bureaux
Cleaning offices, treating floors… With Appilux you’re guaranteed impeccably clean premises. Packages and subscriptions tailored to banks: contact us!

Nurseries / Schools

Maintenance of premises, classrooms and offices for nurseries, after-school clubs and schools.

Property management / Homeowner associations

Maintenance of office and apartment buildings, inspection and quote in 24 hours.

Additional services

A wide range of services suited to all your needs, contact us.


Water purified by reverse Osmosis
Cleaning with pure water, the ECO-FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE Cleaning with pure water is a modern way of cleaning even the most sensitive surfaces. Pure water is water that has had all impurities removed using a procedure known as reverse osmosis, a
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